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We are different (Many Of Our Associates and Investors Work from small offices from their homes) There is very little overhead, which translates into Savings for the Buyer. We Have a Lot In Statesville N.C. with Many Used Homes to view, However, There are many cases in which Our Homes remain in the Field (at their current location) for as long as possible. This saves the buyer a ton of money in un-needed moving expenses, due to the fact that we move the home ONLY ONE TIME, from Its Current location to your Lot. It is well worth the trip in Gas to travel to look at a Cheap Mobile Homes NC in the field, which will cost very little in Gas but Saves Tons in the price of a home. There are times when a home simply must be moved to our lot. Even still we strive to keep the cost as low as possible. If the home you are looking for is not listed here, We Will Find it, Thats What We Do!!

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